Meet Portia

Serial Entrepreneur | Business & Mindset Coach

Hey, I'm Portia!

I help aspiring and early-stage entrepreneurs navigate the journey of business ownership, mindset and strategy.

After over eighteen years of entrepreneurship (yep, it's really been that long), business building, and figuring this money-making thing out, I want to share all the key success lessons and strategies I've learned.  

The first step to success is realizing it's possible.  The second step is learning what you don't know and getting the blueprint from someone who has done it.  Change can be tough, but so is remaining stuck where you are.  Once I saw and believed what was possible for myself, there has literally been no stopping me.  

I'll be honest in saying, I took the long way, trial and error, the figure-it-out struggle, but you don't (and shouldn't) have to!  I'm pouring into fellow entrepreneurs who want to push past their current limits and grow a profitable business, side-hustle or additional income stream, that allows you to live a happier, purposeful and more rewarding life on your own terms!  

Financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom are all possible for you if you simply decide to get started and commit to taking small steps forward.

Let's make it happen! 

Portia :)